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Every life has a story

We welcome your questions about costs because experience suggests the more completely you understand funeral costs, the less chance there will be for apprehension or misunderstanding. There is a wide range of funeral services from which to choose. Since each funeral is planned to meet the special needs of the family, it is difficult to speak in generalities about the “typical” funeral or “typical” costs. There are certain expenses basic to almost every funeral, but many are determined by the selections that are made, the services specified, and the additional items requested.


We believe funerals in general are too expensive, and more and more families are struggling to cover the costs and are therefore reduced to the type of service they would not choose otherwise. We have made it a point to not only be the most affordable option in our community, but to also exceed expectations when it comes to the service provided.

Please follow this link to see a pricing comparison for Jackson County Funeral Homes.

Below, you will find a link to our Veterans Packages. We are very open with our pricing as we are 25-30% less than that of our competitors for the same services and merchandise.

Keep in mind, all or part of the funeral expense may be covered by a portion of forthcoming life insurance benefits, supplemented by any death benefits when applicable from Social Security, the Veterans Administration, fraternal groups and others. The deceased may have also made some prepaid arrangements which will cover all or most of the expenses. At the Woodlawn family of funeral homes, we also offer payment options for those families who want to honor their loved ones life while not having immediate funds to cover the costs.



•  Veterans Packages