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Payment Policy

Every life has a story

We realize that losing someone you love is a devastating experience. It can be traumatic and influence the decisions that must be made. It is our intention that your decisions reflect your personal wishes and remain within your budget. We offer pricing considerably less than our competitors and are able so because we take advantage of early pay discounts with our suppliers. For us to be able to offer you this pricing, on all funerals and cremations that are not pre-funded, we kindly ask that full payment be received prior to the service.

We offer a 2% discount on our charges (side A of the contract) if full payment by cash or check is received prior to the funeral. We will accept credit card or insurance assignment to cover the full balance, but please understand these are handled by a third party, and they charge a 3% fee of the total cost of the funeral or on insurance assignments a minimum fee of $175. This fee will be added to your total bill.

For families using life insurance, policies must be verifiable and assignable coverage on the life of the deceased. Contestable policies cannot be used as payment for funeral expenses as many times they can take months to complete claims process. Not all policies are assignable, so please check with your agent or employer. We must have full cooperation of the parties involved: beneficiary, employers and the insurance company.

At all Woodlawn Family Funeral Centre locations, our goal is to serve you with respect, dignity and professionalism regardless of race, nationality, religious beliefs or financial condition. We will assist you in all aspects of the funeral process from pre-planning or through your needs at the time of death. If there are financial difficulties, please advise us and we will make every effort to accommodate you. Financial need selections such asMedicaid and Township Trustee funerals are available to qualified individuals, but we are limited to service guidelines the funding agencies have established. We also offer financing options with qualification guidelines.

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